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APEX GUI for SIMPLETASK heap workflow
    by Ludek Bob Jankovsky, 10-Jul-2013 (HEAP WORKFLOW)
Simpletask Heap Workflow is a simple Oracle based solution for ETL process management based on Oracle DBMS_SCHEDULER and Heap Workflow principles. Now we present APEX GUI, allowing to manipulate metadata and operate ETL easier way than using the PL/SQL based API only.

  • Oracle (11g or later) set up in your system
  • Oracle APEX (v4.2 or later) set up in your system
  • BWTA Simpletask installed in database schema

See: SIMPLETASK ... Install scripts and requirements here

Install APEX GUI for Simpletask
1. Download and uncompress following export:

See: Simpletask GUI application 

2. Open APEX Application builder application

3. Select import file and follow instructions of APEX import

4. And follow ....

5. And follow ....
Well, now also check the SIMPLETASK schema owner and potential collision of the application number.

6. And follow ....

7. Now run the application
The application will require login to database where the SIMPLETASK owner or the user granted to manage necessary packages and views installed.

8. Initial screen .. dashboard
Usage of the application will be described along with usecases in following articles. The Dashboard itself contains rich passive and active functionality what description exceeds frame of the article intended.

The application is now installed. Store the url to run it separately.

To learn more about Heap Workflow principles you can look to following article:

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